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At AAMG Annapolis Ob-Gyn  we are devoted to comprehensive care of women throughout the lifecycle. We strongly believe in preventive medicine. Our commitment is to the promotion of health through individual and community education, screening for disease and referrals to consulting providers when indicated. Our special areas of service include: family planning, adolescent gynecology, perimenopause, menopause, post-partum depression, contraceptive management, normal and high risk obstetrics and operative gynecology.

More so than any of the medical specialties, obstetrics and gynecology requires open communication to establish mutual understanding, respect, confidence and trust. We foster an open-minded approach, allowing patients much input into all health care decisions, including management of labor. We offer you the highest standards of care in our specialties.

All of our providers accept patients for gynecologic visits.  However, if you are scheduling visits for prenatal care, you may schedule with any of our providers with the exception of Drs. Ballard, Repka,  Hardart and Gill.  These providers see gyn patients exclusively.  

Gynecologic Care  

Obstetric Care

Other In-Office Services

Dr. Karen Hardart recently wrote an article for the Capital newspaper regarding women’s health during midlife, and important issues you should discuss with your gynecologist.  To read her article, please click here.