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MyRisk Genetic Testing

When you come in for your annual visit, your provider will not only be concerned with your current and past medical history, but will be interested in whether or not your maternal and/or paternal family has a history of cancer. This history may be a factory in determining if you are at an increased risk of developing cancer.

We now offer the Myriad genetic test called "MyRisk", which can determine your risk factor for developing cancer in your lifetime.  This is a quick and easy saliva test that is offered in all of our offices.  It can be done at the time of of your visit. 

Take the quiz to see if you have a significant family history:  Click here

How much does it cost?

When the MyRisk test is ordered for you, the lab will work with your insurance provider to help you get the appropriate coverage. Coverage is excellent with 97% of private insurances covering the test and 3 out of 4 patients paying $0. The test is a covered preventive service under the Affordable Care Act, which means patients who meet the medical criteria are covered 100% and the test does not apply to coinsurance or deductible.  If the test is not covered by your insurance for any reason, Myriad will call you prior to running the test to provide options, including cancelling the test.  If you encounter ANY financial hardship associated with an out of pocket cost, Myriad will work with you toward your complete satisfaction, GUARANTEED.

If you are interested in having this important test at your upcoming visit, or you would like to schedule an appointment to have this test, please download and complete the MyRisk questionnaire, and bring it with you to your visit.


Annapolis Outreach Group

Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups provide group support forums for high-risk women around the country. 

The Annapolis Outreach Group was started by Michelle Wilson, a patient of AAMG Annapolis OB-GYN who is the Bright Pink Support Ambassador for Maryland.  Like many other women in our practice, she is empowered with the knowledge that she carries a genetic mutation, and that she is now in control of her health to reduce her risk of cancer.

If you have a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer, due to family history or genetic predisposition Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups can provide you with an invaluable support system from other high-risk women in your community. Bright Pink Annapolis provides an opportunity for these women to meet face-to-face each month to discuss shared concerns, hopes and journeys.



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